:Students' speech

College of Science and Technology (formerly High Level Academy) has
been able to be one of the international colleges that works to achieve
innovations and encourage students to achieve these innovations that
help study aviation in the study side especially in the study of
College has provided air conditioned classrooms, an electronic and
paper library and the use of the latest methods of modern education,
which use the best academies and international institutes. The College
also teaches the international curricula in the field of aviation and
has made great efforts to make these curricula in
the hands of students studying as teaching teachers with high
efficiency and experience of the world and study the curriculum in two
parts theoretical and practical as well as providing continuous training
opportunities for students, making them more aware of the practical
College has extensive relations with many countries specialized in the
field of aviation as well as relations with the best airlines that
provide continuous training opportunities for students.

this system, the College will be able to graduate students of high
quality and reach them to meet the requirements of aviation and the
future of aviation supervisor in Sudan.

About College
Safat College of Science and Technology (formerly the High Low Aviation Academy) was established in 2006, offering outstanding engineering programs in the field of Aviation has unique academic qualifications and practical experience more