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Safat College of Science and Technology (SCST), formerly High Level Aviation Academy, is on a continuous path of development and growth. These development steps have now reached an advanced stage after a recent enrollment of high caliber academic and administrative staff and personnel. In addition, several regulatory rules have now been fully approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.In its continuous endeavor for higher standards of excellence, SCST has now established four under graduate programs in Aeronautical Engineering, Information Technology, Management, and Civil Engineering. These programs will be in addition to its already well-established Diploma program in Aeronautical Engineering.SCST has also an Assessment, Evaluation and Excellence center.SCST looks forward with confidence to establish itself as an advanced and pioneering center among its regional international counterparts for advancement of knowledge and research. We are well aware that such an aspiration can only be achieved through excellent performance and persistent training of students.

About College
Safat College of Science and Technology (formerly the High Low Aviation Academy) was established in 2006, offering outstanding engineering programs in the field of Aviation has unique academic qualifications and practical experience more