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Safat College of Science and Technology (formerly High Level Academy) is accepting a new stage of development and development. This development includes supporting the academic and administrative structure with distinguished cadres and completing the preparation of the advanced academic regulations and the college law. ) Has reached a very advanced stage of accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The College believes that it is determined to predict a prominent place among the theoretical institutions, regional and international, and to ensure the improvement of academic performance and continuous training to promote academic achievement and raise professionalism.

The vision of our future development is to expand horizontally and vertically, taking into account the progress that has taken place in the College's physical and human resources, so that the College's outputs will continue to be able to provide outstanding service in aerospace engineering.

About College
Safat College of Science and Technology (formerly the High Low Aviation Academy) was established in 2006, offering outstanding engineering programs in the field of Aviation has unique academic qualifications and practical experience more